April centrals schedule (remember to have your boat name display) Plus NEW CONT TEL NO 07518 929472

Date From To
19/04 Willen Fenny
20/04 Fenny Stoke Hammond
21/04 Stoke Hammond Globe
22/04 Globe Grove
22/04 Grove Lock Seabrook
24/04 Seabrook Marsworth Red Lion

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A collection of our chaotic slow travels through the canals of the United Kingdom. Living and loving the snail pace life.



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We love boating and love the banter we have with our customers / friends. Hopefully everyone knows that Richard is the grumpy one while Jules is the funny / story teller half.

“ "Just how do you put up with Richard Jules? ”

— Most of you

“ Didn't expect you today as it's raining. (we work in practically all conditions) ”

— Most of you