All of our coal based fuels

Burning solid fuel is an art and takes some time to master. 

The efficiency of your fire will be affected by wind, chimney size and the type of fuel you burn.

One of the main causes for poor heat is blocked or narrow chimneys. YOU MUST CLEAN YOUR CHIMNEY REGULARLY. IF you don't your fire wont work very well and worse you are at risk to carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Mixing coal and wood will block your chimney faster than if used separate and your chimney will need cleaning more frequently

Different types of coal



Finest House Coal Your old fashioned open fire coal (not for use in smoke controlled areas).

Wildfire by special order.  Man-made uniform Briquettes which produce a flame.

Stoveglow –  Economical small nugget .  Produces a fair amount of ash.

Winterblaze - Economical large nugget. Very popular fuel, easy to light and long lasting. Fair amount of ash.




1 – Most are oval shaped so be careful if you say “I want ovals” as you will get homefire ovals!!!

2 – What is the difference? Generally speaking the more expensive the coal the less ash it produces as it contains more anthracite  so more is burnt. It really is a matter of personal taste and stove. Try experimenting. Also weather conditions will affect the way your stove operates.

Supertherm – Low cost fuel which produces a small flame for affect. Good for stoves and open fires. High ash

Firegold – Competitior to Taybrite but burns slightly hotter. Perfect for multi-fuel stoves and room heaters. High ash.

Excel       Used in Multi fuel and stoves, burns very hot.  Low  ash 

Homefire Oval – A top quality fuel, long lasting and giving lots of heat with little ash content. Very effective when used in a stove with a back boiler.

Homefire   A high quality fuel hexagonal in shape. low ash and high heat. 

Anthracite (small/large) – Excellent for stoves but not for open fires. A good quality slow burning fuel giving lots of heat. Not manufactured. Needs some skill in keeping alight. Best mixed with one of the above).

Phurnacite – A high quality premium fuel with very high heat and fairly low ash content. Great for use with stoves with back boilers.

Published: 3/17/2019