Finest House Coal Your old fashioned open fire coal (not for use in smoke controlled areas).

Wildfire by special order.  Man-made uniform Briquettes which produce a flame.

Stoveglow –  Economical mixed fuel. Can contain almost any of the underneath .  Produces a fair amount of ash . Good for stoves and mixing with logs.



1 – Most are oval shaped so be careful if you say “I want ovals” as you will get homefire ovals!!!

2 – What is the difference? Generally speaking the more expensive the coal the less ash it produces so more is burnt. It really is a matter of personal taste and stove. Try experimenting. Also weather conditions will affect the way your stove operates.

Supertherm – Low cost fuel which produces a small flame for affect. Good for stoves and open fires.

Taybrite – Very popular fuel for stoves, does produce a lot of ash though.

Pureheat – Competitior to Taybrite but burns slightly hotter. Perfect for multi-fuel stoves and room heaters. High ash.

Excel  Larger than Taybrite and pureheat.  Used in Multi fuel and stoves. High ash.

Homefire Oval – A top quality fuel, long lasting and giving lots of heat with little ash content. Very effective when used in a stove with a back boiler.

Anthracite (small/large) – Excellent for stoves but not for open fires. A good quality slow burning fuel giving lots of heat. Not manufactured. Needs some skill in keeping alight. Best mixed with one of the above).

Phurnacite – A high quality premium fuel with very high heat and fairly low ash content. Great for use with stoves with back boilers.


Fire Lighters

Logs packed in a large net

Kinding packed in large net

Brasso 1ltr

Elsan Blue 4ltr

Elsan Green 2ltr

Elsan Organic 2ltr

Morris  Stern tube grease